Unigloves Select Black 300 Long Surgical Gloves 100 pcs

These Unigloves Select Black are hi-end black latex disposable surgical gloves from Germany. Unpowdered and ambidextrous, these gloves are ideal for safety and hygiene during play.
What makes these gloves so special is the fact that they’re chlorinated and washed afterwards. The chlorination results in providing an enormous sense of touch, and they’re much easier to put on. The chlorination and washing also lessens the protein-level of the gloves, thereby reducing the risk of allergies.
Sold per box 100 pcs, available in sizes S-XL:
• Small: Glove size 5-6. Width 80-90 mm.
• Medium: Glove size 7-8. Width 90-100 mm.
• Large: Glove size 8-9. Width 100-110 mm.
• XL: Glove size 7-8. Width 110-130 mm.
The Unigloves Select Black 300 are EXTRA LONG! Length 30 centimeter for even more FFun!

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  • Box 100 Black Latex Surgical Gloves EXTRA LONG (30 cm) for even more FFun!
  • Unpowdered and ambidextrous
  • Chlorinated and washed, reduced risk of allergies
  • Enormous sense of touch and much easier to put on
  • For safety and hygiene during play

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