The Banana | 10 Speed Vibrating Veggie


Gemüse the 5 strongest vegetables on earth by DUSEDO

Vegetables are well-known for being good for your health. Most vegetables are low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

However, some vegetables stand out from the rest with additional proven features and benefits, such as the ability to vibrate with 10 different functions or reduce the risk of breaking when heavily used.

These vegetables are the Vibrating Veggies by Gemüse. Soft touch feel silicone with a high powered vibrating motor and rechargeable with a USB cable. Available in five different kind of vegetables; The Cucumber, The Carrot, The Corn Cob, The Eggplant and last but not least The Red Pepper.

These products are IPX5 waterproof, so perfect for use in the shower, but do not submerge in a bath or pool.

Proper use and maintenance of the product can effectively extend its life.

1. Lubricant selection: Do not choose a petroleum-based lubricant as it may cause damage to the surface of your Gemu¨se product. Water based lubricants are a safe choice.

2. Cleaning method: Thoroughly clean and disinfect the product before and after each use. Then dry the surface of the product and store it.

3. Precautions: Do not soak your Gemu¨se product in a tub with water to clean. Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol, petrol, gasoline or acetone.

Keep your vegetable in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children. Keep it in a clean place and away from toys made of other materials. Do not disassemble the product, be sure to use the original charging line for charging, to prevent damage.

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  • Vibrating Veggies by Gemüse
  • 10 different functions
  • Soft touch feel silicone
  • Use with water based lube
  • IPX5 waterproof

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